Publicans seek landlords’ understanding

The Vintners Federation of Ireland has asked landlords to meet with their tenants and come to mutually acceptable agreements about rent payments during this period of enforced closure for pubs across the country.
"There’s little point in demanding money that isn’t there".

“There’s little point in demanding money that isn’t there”.

A significant number of pubs are run by publicans renting their premises from landlords. With the recent Government advice to shut all pubs to combat the spread of Covid-19, publicans are experiencing huge financial strain and fear that when the crisis ends many pubs will be unable to reopen.

“Since the enforced shutdown we’ve worked with the banks, TV subscription services, drink suppliers and other suppliers to come to an agreement about forbearance and payment suspension for the coming months,” explained VFI Chief Executive Padraig Cribben, “The clear majority, understanding the crisis pubs are facing, have made meaningful efforts to accommodate our members.

“We need landlords to exercise the same understanding because there’s little point in demanding money that isn’t there. We need to work together to get through the current crisis. The relationships we strengthen now through mutually acceptable agreements will make the return to normal trading easier for all.”



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