2018 spirits to hit 3.2bn cases

With global spirits consumption at a record high, the market is forecast to continue growing to reach nearly 3.2 billion cases by 2018 according to Vinexpo’s data on World Consumption of Spirits.

The Chinese spirit Baijiu remains the most consumed spirit in the world with consumption forecast to hit 1.2 billion cases in 2018.

Behind this come vodka, brandy, rum and Scotch.

Liqueurs of all derivations are ranked sixth while fast-growing Bourbon is ranked seventh with gin, Tequila, Cognac/Armagnac in positions eight to 10.

Vinexpo launched a dedicated spirits area at this year’s Vinexpo 2015 (which has just finished) highlighting the growing number of brands jostling for a share of the growing spirits market.

Forecast consumption of the top five most consumed spirits in the world by 2018 (volume in millions of cases):

Spirit category         2014          2018            %growth                  

Baiju                               1183.3         1215.3                 2.7

Vodka                               493.6           496.1                 0.5

Brandy                             187.2           194.5                 3.9

Rum                                 143.1           132.2                -7.6

Scotch                                89.0             96.8                 8.8


Source:  VINEXPO data on World Consumption of Spiris by volume 2009 to 2018 commissioned from IWSR


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