Madrí Excepcional hosts LVA delegation at La Sagra Brewery

26 LVA council members experienced the modern and innovative journey of La Sagra Brewery & Madrí Excepcional


Madrí Excepcional is now the third most popular draught world lager in Dublin

26 members of the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) council members attended a three-day trip to Madrí Excepcional’s famous La Sagra Brewery in Toledo, Spain on 23 April 2024.

The tour aimed to share with the LVA council members a unique and immersive Madrí Excepcional experience and one that embodies the innovative journey of the La Sagra Brewery.

Madrí Excepcional is a key brand within the Molson Coors portfolio, and last year, it emerged as one of the leading brands in the premium world beer category. The premium world beer category has expanded threefold since 2019, and within the category, Madrí Excepcional has experienced double-digit year-on-year growth over the last two years. It is now the third most popular draught world lager in Dublin and is amongst the five most popular draught world lagers in Ireland (CGA – Total Market Volume HL World Lager Latest MAT Feb 2024).

Madrí Excepcional embodies the soul of Madrid. It is the result of a collaboration between Molson Coors and the La Sagra brewery, founded by Carlos Garcia in 2011, a first-generation brewer from Toledo, near Madrid. Having seen firsthand the fusion that Madrid and the surrounding area embodies, Carlos applies that ‘fusion’ philosophy to the innovative beers he brews.

As part of the itinerary, the group visited some of the key outlets across Madrid that distribute La Sagra beers alongside Madrí Excepcional. It also provided an opportunity to spend time with La Sagra founder Carlos Garcia, and to tour the La Sagra brewery, where the LVA council members were able to immerse themselves in the La Sagra ethos and sample new and existing beers.

Laura Lee, managing director, Ireland at Molson Coors Beverage Company, said:  “It was a real pleasure to bring our friends from the council of the Licensed Vintners Association to our La Sagra Brewery. While La Sagra doesn’t boast hundreds of years of brewing history or a long family tradition in beer, Carlos and his team have created a young, passionate, and innovative brewery inspired by urban modernity and cultural fusion.

“It was that innovative La Sagra and Madrid spirit that helped to create Madrí Excepcional in partnership with our UK master brewers. In a short space of time, Irish consumers have embraced the Madrí Excepcional brand and today it is one of the most popular premium world beer brands in the Irish on- and off-trade market.

“We wanted to immerse our LVA council members in the spirit of Madrid, affording them a firsthand experience of the innovation and passion behind the La Sagra brewery and the brand. We look forward to building upon our relationship with our LVA customers in 2024 and beyond.”

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