Unwind with Corona Cero at Wellfest

Corona Cero is set to host a relaxation retreat at the wellness festival taking place between 11-12 May

Corona Cero’s space will host yoga and meditation classes from 2-3 pm

This summer, Corona Cero has announced that it will host a relaxation retreat at Wellfest. The event is set to take place from the 11- 12 May at the Royal Kilmainham Hospital. Corona Cero is brewed with 100% natural ingredients and promises a taste as crisp, refreshing, and balanced as Corona Extra, but without the alcohol.

The Corona Cero area at Wellfest offers festival-goers a relaxation area to unwind in after enjoying a high-tempo sweat session. Corona Cero’s zen space will host yoga and meditation classes from 2 pm – 3 pm, along with a bespoke Corona Cero bar where fitness fanatics and chill seekers alike can savour a bottle of ice-cold Corona Cero.

This new addition is part of Corona’s commitment to cater for consumers’ evolving tastes and preferences. Corona Cero offers people the chance to enjoy the social aspect of having a drink without compromising their wellness goals.

Jane Parlon, head of Brands and Innovation, C&C, said: “Nowadays, people are seeking more choice when it comes to deciding what to drink. WellFest was the perfect festival for us, as we know that people who are conscious of their wellness and health will really enjoy Corona Cero. In the midst of the festival’s hustle and bustle, the Corona Cero area will serve as a tranquil oasis, providing the perfect spot to unwind and relax. We look forward to seeing everyone there!”

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