Caterboss and Treyd partner to offer new payment solution

Caterboss and Treyd join up to offer SMEs in food, hospitality, and tourism a 120-day payment solution

In a strategic move to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food, hospitality, and tourism sectors across Ireland, Carlow-based Caterboss has announced its partnership with Swedish fintech company Treyd. This collaboration aims to provide Irish SMEs with an innovative financing solution that extends payment terms up to 120 days, helping businesses maintain healthy cash flow in an increasingly challenging economic landscape.

Treyd’s entry into the Irish market is marked by its unique approach to financing, which allows growing retail businesses to manage their inventory purchases without straining their working capital. By paying suppliers upfront on behalf of SMEs, Treyd enables businesses to sell more goods, improve cash flow, and finance inventory purchases for up to four months. This unique financing method provides a lifeline to many businesses struggling with cash flow due to rising costs, VAT increases, and wage inflation.

“Treyd’s stock financing solution gives SMEs the working capital they need to continue growth,” explained Ben Ingram, head of Partnerships for the UK and Ireland at Treyd. “With banks tightening credit processes and venture capital becoming less accessible, Treyd fills a crucial gap in funding solutions.”

Peter Beckman, CEO and co-founder of Treyd, echoed this enthusiasm, stating: “Ireland presents an exciting new market for Treyd and aligns with our ambitious strategy for global expansion. We have already helped more than 650 SMEs worldwide, funding invoices worth over €175 million, and are looking forward to building on that success with Irish companies.”

Ciaran Kilbride, CEO and founder of Carlow-based Caterboss, expressed optimism about this partnership: “This solution is a massive help to businesses in Ireland’s food, hospitality, and tourism sectors, which are facing unprecedented pressures. We at Caterboss are constantly looking for innovative ways to assist our customers, and Treyd’s financing solution allows them to unlock the capital they need to thrive.”

With a track record of supporting over 650 SMEs and growing its customer base by 500% in the past year, Treyd is set to make a significant impact in Ireland. The partnership with Caterboss ensures that businesses in the food, hospitality, and tourism sectors now have access to flexible financing options.

For more information on financing options, visit Caterboss Finance [https://www.caterboss.ie/flexible-finance-options-for-catering-equipment]


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