Heineken & Amstel in new 4-litre PET keg

International beer brands Heineken and Amstel are being launched in a new four litre PET keg with an integral tap.

The new ‘Tapje’ keg is a small draught beer system for use at home.  It offers an innovative cost-effective alternative to the traditional crate of beer, with greater flexibility for consumers and it has now been launched in Ireland.

The Tapje is a robust container with superior barrier performance that protects the integrity of the beer by keeping out oxygen whilst keeping in the carbonation.

Once open, the beer remains fresh for 30 days and is therefore ideal for occasional drinking or for parties

The Tapje is ready for use after being cooled for 10 hours in a refrigerator.  A separate beer cooler is available which reduces this time to an hour.  A coloured indicator on the front of the keg shows when the beer has reached the correct temperature for consumption.

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