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Restaurants Association of Ireland calls for more taxis in Ireland at night

Seven in 10 Irish people said getting transport home from restaurants/bars is difficult in their area
"A significant allowance of possibly more than a year of lost earnings may be required for Nightclubs and Late Bars due to the restriction on late night licensing hours and requirements for Social Distancing".

The research shows there is a notable gap in perceptions of public transport availability during the day and during off-peak periods

The Restaurants Association of Ireland has called for more taxis in Ireland at night and improvements in the provision of Irish public transport as new research finds that a lack of taxis and public transport is affecting Ireland’s night-time economy.

Conducted by Red C on behalf of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, the research found that nearly six in 10 of the 1,512 respondents said public transport is poor after pubs and restaurants close.

When it comes to vailability of taxis, it was a similar issue, with “very poor perceived availability” during off-peak periods.

Four in ten of those polled think the availability of taxis during the day is “good”, but seven in 10 said that transport home from restaurants/bars is difficult in their area, and around half say they would support legislation for ride-sharing apps.

The Restaurant Association of Ireland has said there appears to be an opportunity to increase this support, and that those in rural locations and living in Connacht/Ulster feel more impacted by lack of transport than most, therefore also being more likely to support the legislation of ride-sharing apps.

Commenting on the report, Adrian Cummins CEO of Restaurants Association of Ireland said: “The research shows there is now clear demand from the public to improve our provision of availability of public transport and increase the number of taxis in Ireland at night.”

“There is also a demand for new legislation for ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft which will help restaurants, pubs, and the nighttime economy.”

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