Wedding wisdom with Newpark Hotel’s expert wedding host

Exploring the latest trends and valuable tips for your special day 

With the current cost of living couples engaged in wedding planning are adopting a more financially conscious approach

Sinead Fortune, the wedding manager at Newpark Hotel, shares valuable insights:

Financial Awareness

Given the increasing cost of living, couples engaged in wedding planning are adopting a more financially conscious approach. They prioritise essential elements like venue, food, and drink, while avoiding non-essential extras such as light-up dance floors or backdrops. The focus is on ensuring memorable moments by investing wisely.

Floral Flourish

A rising trend involves a heightened focus on floral decor for photo-worthy and Instagram-friendly moments. Flowers serve as a means for couples to express their unique style, ranging from elaborate displays to more cost-effective options like wildflowers and foliage, allowing for a stunning visual impact without the hefty price tag.

Collaborative Planning

Grooms are now taking on more active roles in wedding planning, engaging with venues, celebrants, and suppliers. This shift reflects a deeper involvement in the significant event, marking the beginning of a lifelong partnership.

Expressive Individuality

Contemporary couples aim to make their wedding a true celebration of their identities. This translates into personalised touches such as neon signs, monogrammed cufflinks, and unique shoe decals. Individual personalities shine through in various aspects, including decor, table plans, and invitations, creating an intimate and personal atmosphere. Notably, some couples even recreate special moments from their parents’ weddings at the venue, adding a sentimental touch.

Tech-Infused Traditions

Recent years have witnessed an integration of technology into wedding traditions, from audio guest books to social media apps capturing and sharing wedding moments.

Sustainable Choices 

Increasingly, guests are prioritising sustainability, preferring local stays and locally sourced food. This aligns with a broader environmental consciousness among wedding attendees.

Decline of Wedding Favours 

With a focus on sustainability and budget-conscious decisions, traditional wedding favours are losing popularity. Instead, many couples opt for charitable donations as an eco-friendly and altruistic alternative.

Emphasis on Fun 

Couples are placing a greater emphasis on infusing fun into their weddings, whether through surprise performances, guest entertainers, or lively dance floors. The goal is to create a joyful atmosphere that leaves lasting positive memories for both the couple and their guests.

Family Integration 

Many contemporary couples have children or include younger family members in their bridal parties. Newpark Hotel’s family-friendly features, including on-site activities and a kids club, cater to the needs of younger guests, further enhancing the family-friendly appeal.

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