Smirnoff looks to new on-trade on-tap cocktail opportunity

Diageo Ireland has launched Smirnoff Mojito for the on-trade as a simple and convenient on-tap cocktail solution that creates high quality and perfectly-served Mojitos every time, it claims.

"Created in response to strong consumer insights that indicate that consumers want choice, value and added excitement to their informal out-of-home gatherings with friends, Smirnoff Mojito is an on-tap innovation which makes the popular cocktail experience accessible to the Irish on-trade,” states the company.

The simple “plug and play” countermount, a dispense solution which can be installed in less than five minutes, opens a new category in the on-trade and does not require lengthy preparation and training yet still maintains the theatre of cocktail-making through a series of steps involved in the perfect serve.

Priced at €5, Smirnoff Mojito, with an ABV of 12.5 per cent, delivers a profit margin for customers in line with the highly-profitable spirits category, states Diageo Ireland.

“The perfect Smirnoff Mojito can be made in 23 seconds,” it claims, “A standard mojito would take four times that. The average pint takes 17 seconds to pour.”

The cocktail contains Smirnoff blended with Key Lime Liqueur, a splash of lime juice and a hint of natural mint flavour. It’s dispensed from the font and is accompanied by the Smirnoff Mojito Ice Crusher, Smirnoff Mojito branded glasses and Smirnoff Mojito visibility and functional POS kits.

“Smirnoff Mojito is an exciting and tasty new innovation to the Smirnoff portfolio,” commented Selina Keenan, Innovation Project Manager at Diageo Ireland, “Diageo has invested heavily in the new venture to offer the on-trade a convenient opportunity to increase footfall and encourage women in particular back into on-trade.
“The Smirnoff Mojito perfect serve is critical to the success of the on-tap cocktail but is just a few simple steps that are easy to master and do not require any training.”

It has already been installed in 50 outlets in Belfast, Galway and Dublin and Diageo Ireland has seen “fantastic” levels of trial and re-purchase.

It comes in a 10 litre bag-in-box to provide 66 150ml serves and will be available from June.

The concept is also being trialled in some 800 bars across the UK and the system has already been well-established in Spain and Greece.

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