Seeing the signs

It was a fairly frustrating early-morning drive up to Ballyconnell for this year’s VFI conference. And it was pubs and publicans along the way that made it so.

With a conference start time of 10 o’clock, I’d to jump into the jallopy pretty smartish and get on the road, skipping breakfast until I considered I’d made good enough progress towards the 10 o’clock start. Nearer Ballyconnell, I began to take cognisance of my stomach.

However for miles before and during passage past them, pub after pub along the way had signs out to the effect that breakfast was being offered. I duly stopped on a number of occasions to find that signs speak with forked tongue.

Virginia was particularly trying – step up to the stocks the Mason’s Apron who had signs and signs in the fields beforehand as well as in the run into the village itself advertising it’s great breakfast fare.  It was shut.

Lavery’s needn’t be too smug either.

If you’ve nothing to offer in the breakfast department (or don’t begin serving until well after us travellers would require them) nowadays why not take down these eysesores guys?

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