Paris pops up a carbonated fountain

Bottled water suppliers look out - the French are coming!

Bottled water suppliers look out – the French are coming!  From the land of Perrier comes news that the denizens of Paris are being offered sparkling water free at a new free-flowing fountain.
Paris’s public water board Eau de Paris (not to be confused with Eau de Cologne which is likely to have a very different effect on the drinker) gushes that it has recently introduced the free ‘La Petillante’ fountain to the 12th Arrondissement to wean people away from what it claims to be  environmentally-unfriendly bottled sparkling water.
The carbonation system was developed and trialled in Italy and ‘La Petillante’ is now being trialled on the Parisian public over the coming months.
“Eau, eau!” could well be the response of bottled water suppliers to the development….

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