Gold marks Hyde’s Russian launch

Hyde Irish Whiskey has won a Gold medal in the first round of the World Whiskies Awards for its No 6 Special Reserve, which coincides with the  launch of Hyde into the Russian market, the brand’s 34th export market.

Hyde now has significant presence in North America, Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The County Cork-based Hyde Irish Whiskey is a family of six specialist, limited edition spirits, matured in County Cork’s idyllic landscape and temperate climate.

Made in honour of the inauguration of Ireland’s first President, Douglas Hyde, each Hyde expression is paired with extremely high quality wooden casks sourced from some of the world’s finest suppliers, giving each of its whiskeys its unique character, distinctive aroma and taste.  Hyde Irish Whiskey is non-chill filtered and cut using only pure County Cork spring water, giving it a uniquely natural character.

“It’s all about the wood!” says Conor Hyde, “We estimate that up to 80% of the final whiskey is a direct result of the interaction between the maturing spirit and the wooden cask. This process is influenced by the subtleties of the local climate and how the casks are managed as the whiskey matures to perfection.

Independent ageing and finishing of distinctive Irish whiskeys in bonded warehouses is a very respected tradition which has existed since at least the 19th Century. During the 1800s every county in Ireland had its own local independent whiskey label, aged in local bonded warehouses, with the young spirit sourced from independent distilleries, explains Conor Hyde.

“While the UK will always be our nearest neighbour and an important market for Irish food and drink exporters, from the very start we’ve aimed to bring Hyde Irish Whiskey to the global market,” notes Conor, “As a result, we’ve very little exposure to the risks of Brexit and we’ve been able to reach customers in growing markets where Irish Whiskey is capturing the attention of a new generation of connoisseurs.”



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