Absolut Mixt – taste is best when it comes naturally

Absolut has launched a new pre-made drinks range called Absolut Mixt.

The vibrant cans are delicately sparkle with natural flavours with a taste of fruits and exotic berries blended with premium Absolut Vodka.

Socialising before going out is a big part of what makes a good night and Absolut wanted to focus on making it more fun by offering a new range of quality drinks. The range offers a convenient on-the-go option for people with fast and vibrant lifestyles.

“Absolut Mixt gives a fresh bold take to the ready-to-drink category,” says Craig Johnson, Vice President, Marketing, for Absolut, “Taste was in the core of making this product and we believe taste can be in something you drink or in the way you live. With Absolut Mixt people can become more spontaneous as throwing a party has become so much easier with this new range.”

The pre-made drink flavours include Cloudberry & Apple and Blueberry & Lime and are inspired by Swedish heritage, Nordic berries as well as exotic fruit flavours. Pairing the natural flavours of exotic berries and fruits creates “an amazing combination of great refreshing tastes”.

To stay true to Absolut’s heritage each can features a signature brush-stroke that’s been created uniquely for each flavour to link with Absolut’s involvement and history in the arts community.


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