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5 easy facebook tips to get the most out of your St. Patrick’s weekend bar entertainment

Get the most out of your St. Patrick’s weekend

St. Patrick’s weekend is upon us and there’s so much happening over the three days: the Rugby 6 Nations is going down to the wire, two NFL arch enemies face off in Croke Park, the Gold Cup is up for grabs, of course, you’ve booked lots of extra music too! All that’s needed now is for your customers and potential customers to know that YOU have it all.

The quickest way to do this? Facebook. Not only is it VERY effective (hence why it’s worth over €100bn!). Here are five tips to help you get the most out of it this weekend and every weekend:

1 – Include a Headline: Why do Newspapers have headlines? Because they grab a reader’s attention! Facebook posts are no different. A brief headline at the top of the post straight away tells the reader what the post is about and engages them. Something as simple as “PADDY’S DAY LIVE MUSIC”, can be very effective.

2 – What’s On and When? Not every attraction appeals to every person, so clearly state what’s on and when. If it’s TV sport, mention the event name and who’s taking part. If it’s live music, say who the band is. And in all cases, include the starting time.

3 – Do Separate TV Sport and Live Music Posts: It can be very tempting to just cram everything onto a single post. Don’t! Make it easier for potential customers to view what you have to offer by keeping TV Sport and Live Entertainment posts separate. Tip: Publish TV Sports in the morning, and Live Music posts in the afternoon.

4 – Include a Photo: An image is often what draws a person to a post. So, it is vital to always include one. If the post is about TV Sport, include an eye-catching image related to one of the games or events you’re showing. If the post is for Live Music, include a music-related image or even a picture of the band if you have one.

5 – Make it More “You”: A person’s decision to visit a particular pub isn’t based solely on what the pub has on. The atmosphere and experience they can expect has a lot to do with it too. Personalise the posts and capture some of the essence of what makes your venue different to the rest. If your bar is chilled out and relaxed, then say that likewise if customers can expect a wild party venue, shout it out!

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