The Gold Star winners

The Gold Star Collection represents the very best of what's on offer from the independent off-licence sector and their suppliers

NOffLA members are reminded of the opportunity to capitalise on the success of the Gold Star Awards this Christmas. This selection of winning wines represents the best fruit of the partnership between the independent off-licence sector and its suppliers.

The Gold Star Award has earned a significant level of credibility with consumers since its inception in 2001. Having established the brand, consumers now recognise the logo as a mark of quality, an assurance that these wines are significantly better than the rest. The awards will continue to receive media coverage in the coming weeks as wine writers comment on the selection and availability of the best wine in the country.

NOffLA’s former chairman, John Sheil, made an important point about the awards scheme at its inception, which remains true today: “This is not only a showcase for our esteemed associate members to bring our members up to date on the latest products and marketing plans which can be passed on to the benefit of our customers. It is also a showcase for our own expertise.”

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