New branding for Bulmers

Bulmers cider has been transformed with new branding, a new TV ad and a new marketing approach.

The cider brand has taken a seismic leap that sees everything about it transformed except the taste in this €10 million investment.

All references to ‘time’ and ‘time-honoured traditions’ are less relevant to today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world and so have been discarded. The packaging too has been transformed and Bulmers has a whole new brand identity.


Copper-fastening the new look

The new Bulmers Original copper-toned packaging has been inspired by the warm tones of the liquid colour of the cider, the russet skin of a ripe apple and even the beautifully-crafted industrial equipment used in the cider-making process.

The new brand identity still features the cider vats synonymous with the Bulmers brand but they’ve a more contemporary, ‘edgier’ feel manifest in the linear artwork design. The effect is a modern and clean look and a radical change of direction for the Bulmers brand, claims the company.

A new advertising campaign has also been conceived and developed. In a 60-second TV spot, the camera scans the scene at a Dublin party. Using statistics to make sharp observations about life in Ireland, the new ads take a humorous look at people’s thoughts on all things relevant to modern day society.

It shows a DJ who has only an 8% clue what the buttons on his decks actually do whilst a guy in a suit having a boogie is 99% sure he’s at the wrong party.  But regardless of the stats, there’s always one constant, one thing that’s 100% fully-fledged and proudly Irish – Bulmers.

“The observations Bulmers is making through our new ads will resonate with people of all ages,” explains Belinda Kelly, Marketing Director for Bulmers, “They’re a commentary on 21st Century Ireland and the routine things we do, say or think about. Whatever the observations, the closing line remains the same: 100% Irish cider.

“We’re 99% sure that the ads will bring a wry smile to people’s faces as they recognise themselves, or others, in the observations that we’re making.”

The new TV ad went live on St Patrick’s Day and an extensive campaign supports the brand’s transformation including Out Of Home, digital and social, Below The Line, Public Relations, festival and music sponsorships together with experiential activations.

Bulmers Light, with the same ABV of 4.5% as Bulmers Original but with just 92 calories, will mirror the new look and feel of Bulmers Original, but with a silver colour palette.

The marketing transformation of Bulmers Original and Light accompanies the launch the new, sweeter cider ‘Outcider’ .

“Outcider is a complementary brand to Bulmers because people’s tastes and palettes change with time, with age or just with mood,” explained Belinda Kelly, “So it means that you can switch between the two knowing that you’re still drinking a great-tasting, high-quality Irish cider.”

According to Belinda, the majority of Bulmers drinkers are in the 18 to 34 year-old bracket and so the new campaign is more appropriate to this cohort’s lifestyle, helping ensure that the brand remains “top of mind” for drinkers here.




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