My Favourite…Geraldine Daly

Geraldine Daly of Dalys Drinks, Boyle, Co Roscommon writes about her favourite wine.

At the moment my taste buds prefer a Pinot Noir grape. It agrees with my palate and is one of the noblest and most challenging grape varieties to grow.

It is a red wine, light in colour, and has aromas of cherries and raspberries. For me it’s an elegant, stylish and quite a seductive wine, with a lovely silky texture that can be easily enjoyed on its own. The Luigi Bosca Pinot Noir from the Mendoza area of Argentina for me is the pick of the bunch; it seems to capture everything a good Pinot should be.

Another great Pinot Noir has caught my attention lately. It is the Marimar Torres “Green Valley Estate” from California. This great wine estate is nestled in the rolling hills of Western Sonoma County. It has a perfect micro climate for growing Pinot Noir.
Marimar Torres selected this privileged location to export the Torres family legacy of fine wines to California.

I love this wine with food – it carries a jammy, spicy flavour. It is quite expensive but worth every penny. Personally this wine is best served decanted and deserves a proper wine glass to bring out its elegant aroma and deep layers of flavour. I hope you will be privileged to enjoy this marvelous wine.

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