Ireland pays 4th most for alcohol

Ireland ranks fourth-top of 38 European countries, 75% above the EU28 average for its alcoholic beverage prices according to new CSO figures.

Topping the table with prices some 150% above the EU28 average is Norway followed by Iceland (126% higher) and Turkey (90% higher).

Finland comes after Ireland (72% higher) and the UK is 63% higher than the EU28 average.

There was significant variation in the price levels for Alcoholic Beverages across 38 European countries.


CSO’s Comparative Price Levels for Food, Beverages and Tobacco 2015

Price Level Indices for Alcoholic Beverages 2015 (EU28=100)
Country Alcoholic Beverages
Norway 250
Iceland 226
Turkey 190
Ireland 175
Finland 172
United Kingdom 163
Sweden 141
Denmark 138
Switzerland 121
Greece 117
Latvia 106
Netherlands 104
Estonia 104
Cyprus 103
Malta 101
Slovenia 99
Italy 98
Montenegro 94
Austria 93
Portugal 93
Croatia 92
Belgium 92
Eurozone 19 92
Luxembourg 89
Lithuania 88
France 86
Poland 85
Germany 84
Kosovo* 82
Spain 81
Slovakia 80
Czech Republic 79
Albania 77
Hungary 74
Romania 72
Bosnia & Herzegovina 72
Serbia 68
Bulgaria 64
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of 61
*Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99


Prices for alcoholic beverages were lowest in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (39% below the EU28 average).  This means that Alcohol prices in the most expensive country were almost four times more expensive than in the least expensive country.

Within the Eurozone countries the variation in the price level was not as significant. Ireland had the highest price level while Slovakia had the lowest (20% below the EU28 average).





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