Hop House 13 @ Eatyard

Hop House 13 ran a food and beer promotional night recently - Hop House 13 Flavour Fest - at Eatyard, the open space beside The Bernard Shaw pub in Dublin’s South Richmond Street.

The one-off media and influencer event saw Hop House 13 collaborate with some of Ireland’s most innovative food vendors to create dishes specifically designed to complement the flavours of Hop House 13.

Some of the dishes included, Baozi Bao, Hop House 13 Prawn Tacos, Chicken Chettinad, Wasabi Mayo Chicken Cones, Chorizo Arancini, Choc House 13, Buttermilk Bird, Mr Oreo Waffle and The Hop House 13 Burger.

DJ Steve Reddy performed a set at the event.

Eatyard is the brainchild of Bodytonic’s Trevor O’Shea which sees an otherwise vacant space beside the Bernard Shaw pub in Dublin’s Camden Street populated by all sorts of different pop-up food stalls – Pow Bao, Veginity, Box Burger, Pitt Bros, Kerala Kitchen, Umi Falafel, Pasta Box, No Bones Chicken Cones and Bubble Waffle – all with food offerings that on the night paired perfectly with Hop House 13 so that Bernard Shaw patrons – and those dropping in off the street – could enjoy a bit of dining al fresco.

Eatyard has opened on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from last February and it will continue to do so until, well until the weather intervenes unfavourably.

This particular evening was designed to emphasise foods that go well with Hop House 13 such as the the Boxburger Hop House 13 complete with a beer foam on top of the burger filling.

Those invited to be part of the Eatyard project need to keep their end up as any not living up to expectations are soon replaced, says Trevor.

In order for it to work everyone needs to be creative and innovative, he says.

“We don’t want to operate it as just a market where everyone does the same thing every week,” he told Drinks Industry Ireland, “Some people will be there all the time, some will move on. Some will come up with different ideas for what they’ll do. We’re figuring it out as we go along. There are no exact rules; that’s the nature of street food in general. You have to go with the changing circumstances.”

The Bodytonic group likes to run its outlets along thematic lines.

“We like to use our premises for all sorts of reasons at all times of the day – café, barber’s shop, flea market etc,” he explained, “We had that space and didn’t know what to do with it and then street food started taking off in the US and we went to different markets in the UK and Europe, we saw the Christmas markets in Germany and Belgium etc so it’s a combination of things we’ve seen and things we’d like to do.”

By working on the Eatyard Festival over the last three or four years they learned how to work with vendors and how to create a space for events such as the one in Dun Laoghaire which gave them experience and confidence in street markets which has been put to good use by Hop House 13.



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