Garda Age Card

It's essential off-licence staff are fully trained and highly vigilant when it comes to ensuring alcohol is not sold to anyone underage or drunk, writes MARTIN MOLONEY

Age cardNOffLA members are reminded, that in the absence of a mandatory age card, the Garda Age Card provides definitive proof of identification for those who choose to obtain one. NOffLA members may want to direct customers to the Garda Website (www.garda.ie) for application forms. NOffLA members requiring additional information regarding the National Age Card should contact agecard@iol.ie

Members are reminded that, in addition to the Garda National Age Card, the only other acceptable forms of ID are a passport, a driver’s licence or an EU identity card. No student cards or other identification to be accepted under any circumstances.

Incident books

Each day that an outlet opens, that business and its staff are potentially putting their livelihood at risk. The most important task an off-licence owner undertakes is to ensure that staff are fully trained and highly vigilant when it comes to making sure that you do not sell alcohol to anyone who is underage or drunk.

Age card2As part of this process it is imperative that all incidents are logged in a dedicated incident book.  This could simply be a regular A4 diary marked “incident book”. It is important that all incidents and times they occur are logged on a daily basis. An “incident” constitutes any activities that are out of the ordinary. For instance, occasions where a member of staff has had to contact the Gardai, e.g. breach of the 100 metre rule where youths are non-compliant, where you encountered fake I.D, drunken customers, aggressive behaviour of customers or unusual buying patterns. It is also important to record ‘no incident’ if none took place. A well maintained incident Book can be a valuable tool in demonstrating your efforts to conduct your business responsibly, in particularly in the event of proceedings being brought against you. To work effectively the incident Book should be easily accessible to all staff throughout the day.

Associate members

Difficult trading conditions put pressure on all parts of the drinks industry. The National Off-Licence Association has worked hard to forge strategic relationships with key suppliers in the Irish market. NOffLA acknowledges the ongoing co-operation of all of their associate members in a real spirit of partnership. This relationship has developed solidly over the past few years and has proved fruitful for both sides. The association would remind members of the commitment of these suppliers to the independent off-trade and to support them in return:

• Ampersand
• Barry & Fitzwilliam
• Bulmers
• Cassidy Wines
• Diageo
• Edward Dillon & Company
• Findlater Wine & Spirit Group
• Gilbeys
• Gleeson Wines
• Heineken Ireland
• Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard
• Mackenway Distributors Ltd
• Noreast Beers
• Richmond Marketing
• Taserra Wine Merchants

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