Corona – world’s most valuable beer brand

Corona beer is reckoned to be the most valuable beer brand in the world at $7 billion according to the Brand Finance Alcoholic Drinks 2022 report, published recently.



The brand value of Corona has risen by over 20% to $7 billion in 2021 according to the report.

The brand value of Corona has risen by over 20% to $7 billion in 2021 according to the report.

This means that the brand value of Corona has risen by over 20% from $5.82 billion in 2021 according to the report which ranks the world’s most valuable and strongest alcohol brands across categories such as wines, beers and spirits.

“Over the course of the pandemic” states the report, “the Corona brand faced some challenges, particularly in the United States, as some consumers were initially hesitant to purchase its products due to its similarity in name to coronavirus. Despite the association between the beer brand’s name and a pandemic which has killed tens of millions of people, Corona has achieved 21% growth in brand value and continues to be the world’s most valuable beer brand.”

Valued at a mere $100 million below Corona lies Heineken, in second place with a valuation of $6.9 billion, up 23%.

Heineken’s brand value has been very closely correlated with the recovery of on-trade sales at bars, pubs, events and other social spaces.

Guinness moves up one place to 12th in the 2022 Brand Finance table.

Desperados has proved to be the fastest-growing beer brand this year (brand value up 57% to $564 million), with very strong growth across Europe and expansions into various African markets.

The Desperados brand is being supported by the development of non-alcoholic versions (Desperados Virgin 0.0) and various online platforms such as Rave to Save and Go Desperados.

But Kronenbourg (brand value up 40% to US$601 million) is now one of the fastest-growing beer brands in the world with a 40% increase in brand value this year. Remarkably for a very fast-growing brand, Kronenbourg is not a new challenger but has a strong legacy of over 350 years and continues to innovate with its product offering and marketing.

Kronenbourg’s brand value growth is correlated with the introduction of new vegan and non-alcoholic options to increase the number of product offerings and to build the value of its brand through wider product diversification. The brand is increasing its scale worldwide by positioning itself as a premium French product in various promotional campaigns.


At $42.9 billion (down 5%) Chinese brand Moutai is regarded as being the world’s most valuable spirits brand.

New entrant Casamigos Tequila brand (founded by George Clooney) has risen through the ranks to become the fastest-growing spirits brand, almost tripling in value (brand value up 177% to $450 million). After its sale to the UK-based multinational Diageo in 2017 for around US$1 billion, George Clooney’s brand continues to perform strongly with Tequila sales skyrocketing globally.

Not only has the brand followed sector-wide trends, but it has also pushed further than others by doubling sales this year.

The brand has also announced its plans to invest over $500m to expanding production capabilities in Mexico, with the increased investment expected to assist in securing further growth for the brand in coming years.

Baileys drops one place in the Brand Finance spirits table to 19 while Jameson retains its 20th position.


Moët & Chandon remains the most valuable and strongest wine and champagne brand in the world, valued at $1.4 billion, up 15% from $1.2 billion in 2021 according to the Brand Finance report.

With pandemic travel restrictions ending, there has been a resurgence of in-person celebrations across the world, with delayed weddings, family reunions and delayed tourism creating celebratory moments for consumers globally.

With Moët & Chandon building its distribution network, more customers are choosing to celebrate with its products. The brand has also increased its product offerings with new lines of wine and spirits to meet consumer demand.

Lindeman’s is the fastest-growing brand in wine, achieving brand value growth of 81% to $664 million and rising two places to sixth in the Most Valuable Brands in this year’s Top Ten ranking.





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