Bar sales drop slows

Sales volumes in bars showed a 6.0 per cent decrease in April 2011 compared to April 2010, according to provisional estimates from the CSO. They were up 1.5 per cent on the March 2011 figure however.

At the same time sales values dropped 4.7 per cent in April compared to the same month in 2010 while they were up 1.6 per cent on March 2011.

Final CSO figures for March indicate that bar sales volumes were down by 8.8 per cent on March 2010 while volumes were down 1.4 per cent on the February 2011 figure.

Bars’ sales values were down by 8.3 per cent on March 2010 while they showed a 1.4 per cent decrease on values for February.
Taking the three-month view, bar sales volumes were 7.3 per cent down in the period February to April 2011 compared with the same three-month period in 2010 while they were down in volume by 1.7 per cent when compared with the previous three-month period November 2010 to January 2011.

Bar sales volumes were down 6.6 per cent from February to April when compared with 2010 and by 1.3 per cent when compared with the previous three-month period.

General retail sales volumes in April decreased by 3.9 per cent compared to April 2010 although they were up 1.1 per cent over the previous month March 2011, according to the CSO’s preliminary estimates.

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