Wild Geese win

The Wild Geese Premium Rum – a star performer in the multi-award-winning Wild Geese Collection of Caribbean Rums - has won a silver medal at the Global Rum Masters 2015, which showcases the achievements of the world’s most talented rum producers.

Held in London, this year’s competition featured a record-breaking number of entries, each rigorously tested through blind-tasting by a panel of expert judges.

Significantly, the category in which The Wild Geese participated – ‘Dark up to 7-year Old’ – was described by the judges as having “a much wider complexity” than other categories in the competition. Medal recipients in this category were described in the judging as “incredible – aromatic and flavourful”.

Welcoming the news, André Levy, Chairman of Protégé International (exclusive global distributor of The Wild Geese Premium Rum) explained that The Wild Geese Premium Rum is part of an extension of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey range which includes Rare Irish Whiskey, Limited Edition, Single Malt and Classic Blend expressions. The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey range has been voted Best Irish Whiskey three times.

“The essence of The Wild Geese brand identity is the heritage, pride and emotional connection that resonates historically and today among the Irish diaspora the world over,” he said, “The story of the Wild Geese is a story not of failure, separation and sadness, but of determination, unity and success.

“Capturing that in a glass is what we have striven to do and the results are there for everyone to see – and taste.

“We look forward to growing our distribution footprint into the future.”

Much attention has also been drawn to the distinctive, eye-catching labelling of The Wild Geese Premium Rum. Explaining its statement of intent, André Levy said, “The skull on the label glows under black light and serves as a beacon of resilience. The skull is a representation of pirates and many people don’t know this but about 15% of pirates in the Caribbean were actually Irish”.

The Wild Geese Premium Rum and The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection are available for purchase from the Celtic Whiskey Shop, 27-28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2; Dublin, Shannon and Belfast Airport Duty Free as well as key Duty Free outlets internationally as well as at other select locations and online via

The Collection will also be exhibited at the WSWA (Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America) Annual Convention & Exposition in Orlando, Florida (April 12th – 15th) and at the TFWA (Tax Free World Association) Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore (May 10th – 14th).


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