Watermelon leads as Summer’s top flavour for 2024

According to a survey conducted by Paragon Brands, seven in 10 Gen Zers opt for fruity flavoured gin over regular gin

Eighty-two percent of respondents are gin drinkers, but it’s the younger generation driving the surge in fruity flavours (Photo by Christian Fridell via Pexels)

A nationwide survey, conducted by Paragon Brands, saw watermelon (37%) surpass traditional favourites, strawberry (35%) and raspberry (26%) to take top spot. According to the research of 2000 UK respondents, drinkers are attracted to watermelon’s light and fruity taste (78%), its sweet flavour (46%), and its vibrant colour (35%). 

Whether it’s flavoured or not, the UK is a nation of gin drinkers, the study found. The spirit toppled vodka (17%) and whisky (17%) to be named the UK’s favourite spirit by one in four people (25%).  As found by the experts, the traditional gin drinker stereotype is evolving in line with the spirit’s booming popularity, with older female consumers no longer leading the charge.

In 2024, more than eight in 10 British respondents (82%) are gin drinkers, but it’s the younger generation who are driving the surge in fruity flavours, with seven in ten (69%) Gen Zers stating that fruity gin tastes better than regular gin.

Contemporary fruity twists on traditional gin have produced a wave of popularity for the spirit in young adults, with gin makers increasingly producing innovative new fruity flavours.

Leading the charge on this consumer trend, Paragon Brands have launched their latest gin liqueur, Watermelon June by the G’Vine collection – an inventive addition to the flourishing flavoured gin market. 

Made from 100% natural flavours, the gin’s use of natural watermelon aroma creates a flavour that is refreshing yet rich, while delicate notes of fresh citrus fruit will transport consumers to the height of summer. 

Chris Jones, managing director, Paragon Brands, said: “Our report shows a shift in consumer trends for UK gin drinkers, with the market continuing to evolve into exciting new directions. The appetite for fruity gin is very much in full flow, especially among young people, with the data confirming that watermelon is set to be the ultimate taste of summer 2024.

“That’s why we’re launching June Watermelon, marking the continuation of G’Vine’s quest for excellence in the world of premium gin, and Paragon’s passion and dedication to offer UK consumers unique and unusual spirits, quenching that thirst for adventure.”

June by G’Vine Watermelon is distilled at 37.5%. RRP: £33.99 (€40.19).

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