Vodka-based cocktails:

While it has sometimes been overshadowed of late by its other stablemates in the white spirits market, vodka remains the biggest-selling spirit in both the on- and off-trades. Perhaps one of the leading factors in this supremacy is its high rate of usage in cocktails. We take a look at what’s happening in the vodka-based cocktail market here in Ireland.

When one takes a look at the spirits market in Ireland, it’s a two-horse race, with vodka the – excuse the pun – clear leader to whiskey.

Nielsen values the vodka market at €157.8 million in the off-trade MAT to April 2017, up 4.3% on the previous year’s €151.4 million figure.

In the on-trade vodka sales inched out by another 0.6% to €187.6 million MAT to April 2017, up from the previous year’s €186.5 million figure.

Vodka’s high sales value can be put down to the large part it plays in cocktails.

CGA Strategy’s Mixed Drinks Report published last October is all in favour of cocktails stating, “Cocktails facilitate experimentation into broader categories, creating opportunities for outlets and suppliers alike”.

It found that vodka remained the favourite spirit base for cocktails at 36% of consumers and vodka is typically included in 64.7% of the cocktails that consumers choose to drink out-of-home.



CGA Strategy’s report also found presentation to be “a big part of the emotional connection and treat within cocktails”. Another CGA Mixed Drinks Report from April last year found that 36% of consumers will buy a drink based on the glass it’s severed in, so get creative with your glassware. It also found that men comprise nearly 45% of cocktail purchases.

And it’s important to get the serve right: a TNS Omnibus Perfect Serve Survey for Diageo in the UK found 71% of customers stating that a badly-served drink puts them off buying another and 30% of consumers would buy more drinks if they were served better while 8% said that apart from taste, presentation is what makes the perfect serve.

Four out of five consumers say that they know how their drinks should be served.

Finally, premium perception is important too in the quality of the product itself.

The market for premium vodkas in Ireland grew by 5.3% in volume between 2014 and 2015 while volume sales of super premium grew by 9.8% according to IWSR figures.


Boru Vodka

Vodka has long been a base for some of the world’s most popular cocktails, lending its pure flavour and smooth finish to a diverse range of mixed drinks, from the sweet Cosmopolitan to the suave Vodka Martini.

For this month’s cocktail, Dalcassian Wines & Spirits presents The Irish Martini, a Celtic twist on the classic drink, using Boru Irish Vodka as an inspired base.

Boru is a premium vodka from Ireland, inspired by Ireland’s legendary High King Brian Boru. The five-time distillation process produces a vodka of unusual clarity and exceptional smoothness. After distillation, the vodka undergoes rigorous filtration to achieve essential purity, a process that includes slowly filtering it through 10 feet of Atlantic oak charcoal. For those searching for a vodka with personality and absolutely no bite, burn or harsh edges, Boru is the perfect choice.

Irish Martini recipe


3 oz Boru Irish Vodka

1 oz Irish whiskey

½ oz dry vermouth

Lemon twist

Pour the Irish whiskey into a chilled cocktail glass. Swirl around to coat and then drain excess. Pour the vodka and vermouth into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice. Shake well and strain into the cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon and serve.

Boru Vodka is distributed by Dalcassian Wines & Spirits.





Pravda Ultra Premium Polish espresso Vodka

—  ‘Voted the World’s smoothest vodka’

Pravda Vodka (meaning ‘Truth’) is crafted in the heart of the world-renowned vodka-producing region of Southern Poland and is made in small batches under the strict guidance of a sixth generation master distiller.

Pristine ice water from nearby mountain springs, rare late harvest ‘sweet rye’ along with careful hand-crafted distillation infused with roasted coffee bean and Espresso coffee help create the unique flavour of Pravda Espresso Vodka.

Pravda Espresso is perfect for sipping or mixing in a long drink or cocktail such as the popular Espresso Martini which was always made using coffee liqueur and vodka.

With Pravda Espresso you only need vodka and sugar syrup for a touch of sweetness.

For the bar person this means a simpler method as well as a more premium cocktail and at a ‘lower cost per cocktail’.

Pravda Ultimate Espresso Martini

40ml Pravda Espresso Vodka

15ml Sugar syrup (sirop de canne)

60ml Espresso coffee


Shake all ingredients well with ice (at least 30 seconds)

Strain into pre-chilled Martini glass

Garnish with coffee bean (optional)


Pravda Vodka range is now available in Ireland from MCM Brands in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.

For all trade enquiries e-mail:

Tel: +35371 98 52434



Other flavours available:

Classic Vodka, Citron, Raspberry, Orange, Peach.


CGA Strategy’s Mixed Drinks Report is available to purchase for full insights into the cocktail and mixed drinks category from a consumer perspective; for information please contact


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