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Tune Into The Benefits of Music in Your Business

Without music, the experience of visiting bars, clubs and pubs would be very different, states the Irish Music Rights Organisation, which points out that studies show that music encourages patrons to stay longer, spend more and in many cases return more frequently.

Music can help owners set the tone for an establishment – ‘romantic and intimate’ or ‘lively and buzzing’.

Taking out a Dual Music Licence from IMRO for the use of music in a licensed premises ensures that outlets can legally use a vast range of music to create a more positive and productive environment for their customers and staff.

“You’re also ensuring the music creators behind the music that you use to enhance your business are fairly remunerated for their work,” states the Organisation, “Recent studies reveal that 91% of respondents surveyed said that they like a bar with some background music playing.  Over three-quarters of drinkers said that background music would encourage them to go there more often and 82% of drinkers said they’d buy another drink if music that people enjoyed was being played.” (Source:

It’s hard to ignore the many benefits of music for licensed premises for both staff and customers with 93% of business owners agreeing that playing music creates a better atmosphere for customers and 81% saying music in their workplace increases staff morale.

Music has the power to relax, enhance and entice. Consumers and employees enjoy better experiences when they’re surrounded by music.

As of 1st January 2016, one Dual Music Licence is now administered by IMRO. This new arrangement makes life easier for businesses in Ireland by:


  • enabling them to obtain both the required IMRO and PPI copyright music licences through a single contract
  • receiving a single invoice
  • making a single royalty payment
  • administration-wise, interface with a single licensing body.

For further queries, contact IMRO’s Customer Support Team at 01 661 4844, by e-mail at or visit


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