‘Sunset clause’ for Scottish Minimum Pricing Bill

A ‘sunset clause’ is to be introduced to Scotland’s Minimum Pricing legislation that will permit the bill to be scrapped if it hasn’t worked after six years.

The Minimum Pricing Bill passed two of its three stages recently after the Scottish National Party agreed to the Tory-proposed clause in return for their support for the Bill in the Scottish Parliament.

While the Conservative party remains sceptical of minimum pricing, it’s MSP Jackson Carlaw stated, “By securing this exit clause it means the project can be properly rolled-out and evaluated at a later stage,” adding, “If it is found not to be working, that means we can drop it without being stuck with measures that are unpopular and unworkable".

This represents the second attempt by the SNP to introduce minimum pricing in Scotland following its initial defeat in 2010.
"The sunset clause is a response to concerns from some members that minimum testing hasn’t been tried elsewhere,”

commented Government Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, “I think that is a perfectly reasonable and legitimate position to take."
According to research undertaken in relation to this, a figure of 45 pence now seems most likely to be minimum price chosen by the Government.

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