Stillgarden launches ‘Under Pressure’

Combining science, community and nature, the independent and experimental distillery Stillgarden in Dublin 8 now delivers a unique range of products.


Some of the new range from Stillgarden's experimental distillery.

Some of the new range from Stillgarden’s experimental distillery.

From a community-sourced ‘Social Gin’ and a vacuum-distilled vodka ‘Under Pressure’ to a mid-strength botanical spirit ‘Give & Take’ and ‘O’Maro’ – Ireland’s first Amaro, Stillgarden claims to be arguably one of the most trailblazing distilleries in the country.

It also has a range of sustainably-sourced micro-batched hand-crafted cocktails including its take on the Cosmopolitan and Espresso Martini.


Under Pressure Vodka

By removing oxygen and applying immense amounts of pressure during the distillation in Stillgarden’s rotary evaporator, the purest lightest elements from the rich grain-based spirit create a vodka that’s extremely smooth, fresh and even slightly sweet in Under Pressure.


Social Gin

Social Gin combines fresh bursts of mint with citrus and floral undertones. Dry and Floral on the palette with a hint of herbaceous spice on the finish, this is a perfectly refreshing gin with botanicals sourced by its own team of local volunteer social botanists in their community garden.



O’Maro, Ireland’s first Amaro, features local ingredients such as Strawberry leaf, Rosehip and Raspberries – an Irish take on the classic Italian aperitif.  With a bittersweet taste, the herbaceous and Orange balance the syrupy Raspberry sweetness.


Give & Take

The mid-strength botanical spirit Give & Take uses the science of vacuum distillation to distil botanicals at a lower temperature, capturing their purest flavours. Macedonian Juniper and local nettles, a layered combination of Ginger, Coriander Seed, Basil and Chamomile create a fresh yet complex flavour that, when paired with natural tonic water, all discerning G&T drinkers are sure to love.


Cocktail Range

A range of socially- and sustainably-sourced cocktail classics with a hand-crafted twist include Espresso Martini, Cosmo and Raspberry Collins, all available in 50cl and 20cl bottles.


All Stillgarden products are available for prompt delivery online from the distillery.

For partnership opportunities and to keep up-to-date on its latest offerings visit and follow on Instagram and Facebook: @stillgardendistillery; Twitter @stillgardend8.


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