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Smile Music Bingo

Smile Music Bingo is the new hit game that combines the greatest songs with the excitement of Bingo! Instead of normal bingo numbers, Smile Music Bingo plays the best songs that get people jamming and singing along.

Players listen to the music and mark the right songs to their game tickets. When a player gets the songs right they will shout “Bingo!”; then a winner will be announced.

According to the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland, “As a Federation representing almost 4,000 publicans, we’re constantly seeking new partnerships that will bring benefit to our members with an obvious focus on increasing footfall and customer engagement.

“The partnership with Smile Music Bingo has proved to be very successful for pubs that have engaged the service. The feedback from publicans is extremely positive with reports of increased footfall on what were traditionally quiet nights of the week.

“The customer service provided by Smile Music Bingo to publicans is excellent.

“We see Music Bingo continuing to be an important offering for publicans going into the future and the VFI will work with Winston and the team to help enhance its potential in Ireland.”

The East Village Bar & Restaurant in Cork is one such pub benefitting from Smile Music Bingo:

“We’ve been using Smile Music Bingo for about two years now. We took one of our midweek nights which was underperforming and started Smile Music Bingo, offering prizes & a cash jackpot. This increased our footfall into the venue, also increasing the profitability of the night.

“We played Smile Music Bingo all through the Christmas, weekly on Thursday nights and what can I say – apart from the fact it seems Smile Music Bingo has done it again!  Bar sales have increased and along with it footfall and we had more than 100 players every Thursday night!


The proof is in the statistics below:




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