Sky using ‘satellite spies’

Drinks Industry Ireland understands that BSkyB uses pub servicing companies here to report pubs illegally broadcasting its transmissions.

BSkyB has been accused of utilising ‘satellite spies’ to report on pubs that are illegally showing Sky’s Premier League football.

British security company G4S recently admitted that it has taken on a contract that sees it reporting back to the TV broadcaster.

G4S employs meter readers who normally check on the amount of power being used in a premises but who may also now monitor whether or not a licensed premises is using Sky TV without permission.

The ‘Sky spy jobs’, as they’re referred to, see meter readers (and those from other companies that regularly visit pubs in the UK)  doubling as (secret) agents for BSkyB which charges some pubs £1,600 a month for receiving Sky’s signal.

A Sky spokesman justified the situation to Drinks Industry Ireland: “Tens of thousands of pubs and clubs invest in live sport because it’s good for business.  It’s only right that Sky protects those legitimate customers by taking action against those who seek to benefit from content exclusive to Sky Sports without paying the appropriate subscription.  That’s why Sky employs a number of investigative and research companies to visit pubs across the UK so that appropriate action can be taken against those who are showing content unlawfully.”

And the spokesman confirmed that, “Sky uses similar companies in Ireland”.

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