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Well, Dubliners always were more open-minded. Half of us (53 per cent) believe it’s OK to take or make calls, texts and e-mails while in/on the toilet with people from Dublin (59 per cent) being more likely than other regions to text while tinkling.

This startling statistic numbers among many other findings from a recent Bacardi Together Poll of 1,470 adults surveyed by Behaviour & Attitudes via its Acumen panel.

The survey, looking into our online habits and preferences, came up with other off-the-wall findings such as – and speaking again of Dublin – 46 per cent of adults nationally reckon that Dublin Northsiders are the ‘real’ Dubs, a view not surprisingly shared by 63 per cent of Dublin’s Northsiders (what did the other 37 per cent think??) and by as many as 22 per cent of Southsiders (where’s their patriotism??).

There again, 43 per cent of Northsiders believe they’re more family-orientated than their Southsider counterparts while 35 per cent of South Dubliners agree that Southsiders text more than Northsiders (we can see the opportunity for a traditional Northsider/Southsider difference dig here but we’ll refrain).

With Irish people staying in Ireland for their Summer holidays this year, it’s good to know that Corkonians believe their county to be the friendliest (64 per cent), followed by Galway (58 per cent), Limerick (56 per cent), Dublin (33  per cent) and Meath (43 per cent). Oh and if you are looking for the county that provides the best fun/craic, then you should listen to the people of Galway who believe they provide the best entertainment (61 per cent), followed by Cork (59 per cent), Dublin (37 per cent), with Limerick and Meath fighting over who’s friendliest on 34 per cent.

But from Bacardi’s point-of-view, despite the online revolution, we still crave the joys of face-to-face connections with 76 per cent admitting that one can only have meaningful relationships in person.

This plays neatly into Bacardi’s hands since its new advertising campaign is all about people getting ‘Together’.

Some of the online findings from Bacardi’s survey.

Some of the online findings from Bacardi’s survey.


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