Ronan Keating and Rockshore unveil festive anthem for St. Stephen’s Day celebrations

Rockshore's research reveals that one in three Irish adults look forward to reconnecting with lifelong friends over the holiday season

Keating shares the mic with ‘Rocko’ for their own version of ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’

Ronan Keating has partnered with Rockshore to release the anthem of the season, which sees Ronan head back to the studio to celebrate the best of St. Stephen’s Day, by getting together for some playful banter with mates.

Keating shares the mic with ‘Rocko’ to lay down their own version of It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Navigating Christmas traditions and family rituals can feel like an extreme sport for many in Ireland. For a third of people, simply getting through Christmas dinner becomes a primary goal to avoid holiday chaos. About one in six adults (14%) confess to skipping family traditions to join friends at the pub, with an equal number admitting to telling tales to sneak away and meet friends during the holidays.

Rockshore’s research found that a third of Irish adults anticipate reuniting with lifelong friends during the holidays. Notably, 48% of adults prioritise celebrating on St. Stephen’s Day and Christmas Eve over Christmas Day. Additionally, one in four individuals (25%) would prefer tackling all of the Christmas tidying up rather than missing out on Stephen’s Day pints with friends.

During the countdown to 26 December, Rockshore is reuniting artists with their lifelong mates at their original local pubs in Dublin, Cork, and Galway where guests can expect sing-a-longs, festive dishes, games and refreshing pints of Rockshore, as well as Winterval Christmas market in Waterford.

Ronan Keating said: “There really is no better place than Ireland and it’s always lovely to come back, especially to celebrate St. Stephen’s Day and what it represents – getting back together with all your mates and enjoying a drink in your favourite pub, catching up and having banter over a pint like only close mates can.’

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