Roadside drug-testing to be introduced in September

Increasing numbers of motorists are driving under the influence of illegal drugs of which cannabis tops the list, followed by tranquillisers, cocaine and opiates such as heroin, according to the Head of the Medical Bureau of Road Safety, Professor Denis Cusack.

Largely absent until now, provisions for the roadside drug testing of suspected drug-drivers is due to commence this September under The Road Traffic Act 2010.
This will have implications for all who drive to and from work in the course of their employment, according to Maurice Quinlan of the Employee Assistance Programme.

Refusal to submit to the roadside test for illicit drugs may result in a fine of €5,000 or a six month jail term. 
Drink-driving limits will also be lowered from 80 mg to 50 mg.  Learners and professional drivers will be subject to a lower limit of 20 mg and those who earn their living by driving will face more serious implications if they test positive for alcohol or drugs.

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