Pubs get Hüfi  

Hüfi, the new low calorie and gluten-free beer, has just landed in bottled format in Ireland as demand for healthier, gluten-free drink options runs at an all-time high, according to Hüfi distributor here Comans Wholesale.

With 43,000 people in Ireland reportedly gluten-intolerant and many more leading a gluten-free lifestyle by choice, the demand for gluten-free foods is growing considerably, it states. Many supermarkets offer an entire section dedicated to gluten-free products and restaurants offer tailor-made Coeliac-friendly menus.

“Already established in the off-trade after a successful seven months since introduction, Hüfi is regarded by many beer-drinkers as the perfect solution to enjoying a refreshing beer while still maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle,” states Comans. It’s now available to the on-trade.

Hüfi is a cool, clear and refreshing lager with a distinctive crisp taste. It’s the perfect light, easy to drink, pilsner-style lager for both women and men who’re calorie-conscious, as the new bottle contains just 93 calories. For those who’re gluten intolerant or avoid it as a lifestyle choice, they no longer have to resort to expensive, hard-to-find options.

Hüfi is the perfect option for coeliacs who enjoy a beer, but unlike the majority of gluten-free products, it’s widely available and great value, states the company. The new 33cl bottle is priced in line with other 33cl bottled beers and is also available in a 50cl can.




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