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We look at Australian wines on the Irish market and report from the Australia Tasting Day held at the end of January at Dublin’s RHA Gallery.

Premium Australian wines have been driving growth in exports around the world. As a result, the number of wine export licences issued by the Australian authorities last November was up 63% on the previous financial year.

Better news was to follow. In the year to December 2016, Australia exported some $2.2 billion-worth of wine, up 7% on the previous year on volumes which expanded by 1%.

This 7% value growth was driven by bottled exports – particularly those at higher price points – which grew by 10% to $1.8 billion.

“Last year, Australia’s most premium wines took centre stage,” commented Wine Australia Chief Executive Andreas Clark, “Our highest-priced wines ($10 or more per litre FOB) achieved record value in 2016, up an impressive 19% to $574 million.

“In another promising sign that we’re starting to see commercial benefits from an improved perception and increasing demand for our finest wines, the majority of Australian wine exporters (70%) saw value growth in 2016.”

Indeed growth in the premium price segments added more than $93 million in value in 2016.

Exports to all regions recorded growth in 2016, but Europe declined by 3% to $569 million.


United Kingdom

The UK market continues to be Australia’s largest in volume terms but, because 80% of wine is shipped in bulk, it ranks third in value and exports were down 5.4% to $355 million MAT to December 2016. But the market did see strong rates of growth in exports of its higher-priced wines. Exports priced at $5 or more per litre grew by a healthy 23% to $68 million. The growth was even stronger for exports at $10 or more per litre, which grew by 25% to $28 million, double the 20-year low in 2013.


Australian wines in Ireland

With nearly one in every five bottles of wine here being Australian, the continent’s wines lie second only to Chile in terms of country-of-origin popularity.

Exports of Australian wine directly to this country increased “significantly” according to Wine Australia’s annual report for 2016, with exports to Ireland up 24.4% to $16.4 million. But volume sales were also up 25.2% with Ireland ranking 11th by volume in Australia’s wine exporting chart.

“The Irish market is buoyant, particularly in Dublin” Peter Bailey, Wine Australia’s Market Insights Manager, told Drinks Industry Ireland, “where a vibrant food scene is translating into positive exports figures for Australia, particularly at $2.50 (€1.82)to $4.99 (€3.63) per litre FOB (up 17% to three million litres) and those between $5 (€3.63) and $7.49 (€5.44) per litre (up 96% to 380,000 litres). This mood was reflected at our recent annual tasting in Dublin, with strong interest from the independents and on-trade sommeliers who attended.

“We believe that Australian wine is taking advantage of Ireland’s very strong and well-developed tourism industry. Visitor numbers have been steadily increasing. Eating and drinking in pubs and restaurants is now a vital part of Ireland’s tourism offering which continues to contribute significantly to wine sales in Ireland.

“The growth for Australia in direct exports to Ireland is coming in a range of varieties including Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Merlot.”



Australian Tasting Day

Wine Australia held its Australia Day Tasting in Dublin’s RHA Gallery replete with “more exhibitors, new wineries and product launches”. Following tastings in London and Edinburgh, Dublin comprised the last leg of this annual three-day trade event which showcased more than 200 wines from 46 wineries and offered those attending a glimpse into the future of Australian wine with information on the latest trends and new wines seeking distribution.

For the first time at any Australia Day Tasting, Wine Australia showcased a line-up of wines, chosen not by the exhibitors, but by members of the Irish wine trade in Australia’s still, sparkling, sweet and fortified wines in the ‘Inspired Tasting’ area.



Rawnsley Estate

The fruit for Rawnsley Estate is selected from vineyards in the Riverland, Murray Darling & Barossa Valley regions. The climate is hot with high evaporation rates & generally low rainfall, making irrigation essential. The climate is also continental, resulting in long sunny days and noticeably cooler nights. Modern viticultural & winemaking techniques mean that the climate can be seen as one of the region’s strengths. Long sunshine hours ensure fruit ripens fully & low relative humidity results in little incidence of disease.

Sauvignon BlancParcels of premium grapes have been selected by Rawnsley’s award-winning winemakers for this great quality Australian wine.  This Sauvignon Blanc is packed full of bold passionfruit and zesty citrus flavours. Served well chilled, it’s perfect when matched with lightly-spiced Asian fusion dishes.

ShirazThis rich and full Shiraz has intense plum and dark cherry character, complimented by a spicy finish that’s balanced with subtle oak.  Only the finest premium grapes are selected by Rawnsley’s award-winning winemakers for this great quality Australian wine.  This Shiraz is a rich and spicy, full-bodied wine that fills the mouth with blackberries and pepper. Enjoy with roast beef or the Australian classic, a BBQ.

For Rawnsley Estate queries please contact United Wine Merchants on +442838316555 or e-mail


[yellow tail]

rsz_750_yt_sc_shz_evo_hr_2014 rsz_[yellow_tail]_pinotgrigio_hr_2014

[yellow tail] is one of the world’s leading and most recognisable wine brands, enjoyed in 40 countries with over two million glasses enjoyed each day. It has recorded massive sales growth of 54% in Ireland in the past year, making it a firm favorite among wine lovers.

The reason behind its continued success is [yellow tail]’s Italian wine-making heritage coupled with a relaxed Australian attitude to make great wine that’s extremely accessible and appealing to all.

Distributed by C&C Gleeson, the [yellow tail] range includes Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc and with rsz_30105_545g_burg_autleaf_williamhardy_chard_4such a huge selection it’s no wonder [yellow tail] really is the perfect wine to enjoy on any occasion.






160 years after its inception in South Australia Hardys is a major player among world wines. The Hardys label can be found in more than 80 countries around the globe. Currently it carries the title of Most Powerful Australian Wine Brand globally and is consistently ranked amongst the top five Most Powerful Global Wine Brands.

Thomas Hardy’s vision was to produce wines that would be prized in the markets of the world by showing outstanding innovation and resourcefulness, making wines of quality and character. Hardys has received over 7,000 awards across its portfolio including UK consumer Superbrands 2014, 2015 & 2016 for Quality, Reliability and Distinction.











Brent Pope launches new Wolf Blass Rugby Limited Edition range
Wolf Blass, one of Ireland’s favourite Australian wine brands, has teamed up with famous rugby pundit Brent Pope to launch the new Wolf Blass Rugby Limited Edition in Ireland.
Throughout February and March, each bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay will feature one of 15 rugby positions, from Loosehead Prop to Full Back.

It seems that the Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon is Brent’s wine of choice: when describing it as bold, powerful yet smooth, ‘Popey’ quickly quipped, “Like me!”.
Findlaters Wine & Spirits Group offers you the chance to show your love of rugby and offer your customers a bottle that matches their favourite player or position.
The new bottles form part of Wolf Blass’s ongoing ‘Here’s To The Chase’ campaign which celebrates the bold pursuit of triumph and striving to be your best, traits that often separate those who dream and those who achieve – something fundamental to the success of the brand and its founder Wolfgang Blass.


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