NOffLA speaks: Undue influence

Speaking at the NOffLA AGM chairman Jim McCabe speaks out against the 'undue influence' of big retailers when it comes to regulation

“Key elements of legislation introduced in July 2008, aimed at curbing alcohol abuse and underage drinking, have not yet been brought into effect because the Government has buckled under pressure from the international retail giants operating in this market, and the consequence is a complete failure to tackle the ongoing national problem of binge drinking,” said NOffLA chairman, Jim McCabe, at the association’s recent AGM.

McCabe pulled no punches in placing responsibility firmly with Government for the failure to deal with much of the abuse of alcohol in Ireland.

Outlining two major influences on consumer behaviour, he spoke of “the irresponsible promotion of bulk purchasing of cheap alcohol” by “retail giants such as Tesco, Aldi and Lidl,” and of “the escalating level of cross border trade [as consumers] now buy alcohol by the boot-load,” inevitably leading to excessive consumption.

The NOffLA chairman continued by explaining that the most important elements of 2008 legislation to curb irresponsible trading of alcohol “was subsequently put on hold pending the introduction of a voluntary Code of Practice to be adopted by the major multiples and mixed trade sector.”

As the code isn’t in operation almost twelve months on, Jim McCabe feels that “the conclusion may be drawn that the Government is being unduly influenced by the major multiples, a position that is intolerable.”


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