No lazy Summer sales

With the licensed trade back to full reopening (if somewhat short on staff) consumers can look forward to spending more time outside the pub. What will be this year's Summer sizzlers in the on-trade? We take a look at what's going to appeal to the on-trade consumer wanting to make the most of Summer.

This Summer it’s worth bearing in mind that the weather can predict how consumers will behave. It will influence their buying decisions in the pub too.

Recent adverse events such as the pandemic are drastically shifting consumer mindsets and behaviours, making them harder than ever to anticipate, believes a Summer 2022 Behaviour Survey from IBM Watson which found consumers to be more excited about the imminent Summer season than has been the case for several years.

For publicans planning their Summer campaigns, knowing the effect that the weather will have on their customers helps them better plan their outdoor and indoor marketing appeal.

Nearly 70% of respondents to the survey said that Summer weather impacts on their food choices (with a tendency to choose healthier meals and snacks during the Summer evinced by over 30%) while over 40% said that Summer weather affects their alcoholic beverage purchases.

There’s little doubt that draught product will be as popular as ever this Summer. After all, it was greatly missed during Lockdowns with stout becoming the fastest-growing category of all on its return to the on-trade.

Local brands can expect to benefit from the pandemic with more than one in five consumers stating that they planned to drink local brands on their return to the on-trade – six percentage points more than in 2019.


Consumer research from market insight consultancy CGA also showed the cocktail market to be flourishing.

These drinkers are increasingly knowledgeable and demanding about their mixed drinks so suppliers and operators will need to stay on top of their preferences and be ready to innovate on ingredients and serves this Summer.

Three quarters (76%) of consumers now proactively try to lead a healthy lifestyle and they’ll want their pubs, bars and restaurants to meet their needs this Summer through offerings like low-calorie or vegan food and NoLo alcohol drink alternatives.

Health-consciousness is likely to see more demand for alcohol-free product in the pub, a segment of the market that has quadrupled sales in some pubs.

Summer’s category choice

So what categories did well last Summer?

Beer saw sales rise 15.5% in volume between July and September when compared with Summer 2020 according to the Revenue Commissioners’ stats.

Spirits sales volumes were up too, although by just 1.6% on last Summer.

However the Revenue Commissioners’ figures show a different story for last Summer’s cider sales (down 9.7%) and wine sales (down 15.5%) so it will be interesting to see how they perform this Summer now that practically all Covid restrictions have been lifted.

This Summer, CGA’s Opus survey shows how packaged product – as opposed to draught – is particularly appealing to female Lager drinkers, more than half (52%) of whom buy packaged options.

They’re also likely to become more popular over the Summer as CGA’s On-Premise Market data shows packaged products over-index on their share of the beer and cider markets from June to August relative to the rest of the year.

“While the focus at the moment is on the front of the bar, there will be major potential to grow packaged sales over the next few months—especially if the sun shines and pent-up demand for drinking out is released after restricted Summers in 2020 and 2021,” comments Sian Brennan, CGA’s Client Director for Ireland.

For publicans planning their Summer campaigns, knowing the effect that the weather will have on their customers helps them better plan their outdoor and indoor marketing appeal.

For publicans planning their Summer campaigns, knowing the effect that the weather will have on their customers helps them better plan their outdoor and indoor marketing appeal.


Off-trade BWS sales

With the re-opening of hospitality and the shift to out-of-home consumption, coupled with lapping Covid restrictions on a year ago and the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing (effective from the 4th of January this year), Beer Wine and Spirits sales in the grocery trade (multiples and convenience channels) are experiencing a steep decline of 10.4% in value in the latest 52 week period ending on the 27th of March according to NielsenIQ Scantrack Data.  These declines are further exacerbated in the Year To Date and in the latest 12-week period ending on the 27th of March, down 15.7%  in value.

Price inflation due to Minimum Unit Pricing is buffering some of that decline but unit sales for BWS are down 22.5% in the latest 52-week period –  and down even more in the latest 12 week period, by 25%.

Pre-Mixed Spirits, which includes Hard Seltzers, are performing better than total BWS in the off-trade with value growth of over 11% in this latest 52-week period to the 27th of March but values fell by 9% in the latest 12-week period.

Spirits Sales are down 6.7% in this latest 52-week period and they declined further, by 11.9% in value, in the latest 12-week period.


West Coast Cooler relaunches with new packaging and RTD can format for on- and off-trade

West Coast Cooler is relaunching its popular wine cooler with a new-look bottle and easy-travel can format. The iconic beverage, born in the 80s, is not only getting a makeover in 2022, it’s also launching a pop-up can delivery subscription service, Only Cans.

The new-look packaging in a 750ml bottle and new 250ml can has the same great product inside and comes in Original and Rosé:

  • Original – a refreshing citrus, Pineapple and Passionfruit-flavoured wine cooler with sugar and sweeteners, at just 93 calories per 250ml serving.
  • Rosé – a refreshing red berry, Pineapple and Passionfruit-flavoured wine cooler with sugar & sweeteners, 88 calories per per 250ml serving. Serve chilled, over ice, with a wedge of Lime.

“West Coast Cooler has been a consistent consumer favourite since its inception in 1984,” said Assistant Brand Manager Laura Kerr of the brand relaunch, “It’s a great sparkling, refreshing light option when you want to enjoy a social drink with friends.

“The one thing we haven’t touched is the great-tasting product. We’ve also got an amazing competition with Only Cans – a chance to win some product over the Summer.”

The West Coast Cooler team are also investing in PR & Marketing over the next few months as they team up with Irish comedian (and West Coast Cooler fan) Emma Doran to relaunch the wine cooler with a competition to win an Only Cans subscription (being given away on the West Coast Cooler Instagram page). The winners of the subscription receive a tote bag with a selection of West Coast Cooler Original and Rosé inside and get further deliveries of West Coast Cooler throughout the Summer.



Watermelon – White Claw’s new taste of Summer

Ireland’s leading Hard Seltzer brand White Claw has launched its Watermelon flavour here, the first country in Europe to sell the brand.

White Claw blends sparkling water with triple-distilled alcohol and a hint of natural fruit flavour. Now, White Claw Watermelon delivers the same delicate sweetness and pure, crisp refreshment as one of the world’s most popular fruits. Naturally Gluten-free with an ABV of 4.5% it contains 95 calories per 330ml can and adds to the four flavours already available here – Black Cherry, Natural Lime, Raspberry and Mango.

Irish-based Mark Anthony Brands International (based in Dublin’s Donnybrook) developed White Claw in 2016 and before long it became the number one Hard Seltzer in the US.

The company has achieved similar success in Ireland too. Since launching here in 2020, White Claw has become the nation’s Number Two Ready To Drink can brand by value and the driving force behind the growth of Ireland’s Hard Seltzer category, now worth €8.6 million.

Watermelon is one of the top flavours in the US and Scott Walton, President of Mark Anthony Brands International, said, “We couldn’t think of a better place than Ireland to launch our latest product in Europe. The Irish consumer has embraced White Claw and Ireland is now one of our top markets.

“Irish customers are seeking lower calorie alcohol alternatives and shouldn’t have to compromise their lifestyle when it comes to their social life. White Claw taps into that desire with an exciting and unconventional alternative to other alcohol categories, which is evident in our category sales. We’re confident that Irish consumers will embrace this new flavour just like they have done with Natural Lime, Black Cherry, Raspberry and Mango”.

For more information about White Claw, follow @whiteclawireland on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Introducing new Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%

The NoLo category is in strong growth – up 14% in the latest 12 weeks – with Lager holding a 42% market share.

Super Premium Italian beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro has launched its new alcohol-free beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%.

Its launch across the UK and Ireland last April means that there’s now a Super Premium Italian beer with a refreshing taste for all occasions, with alcohol and 0.0% choices available.

This new Super Premium non-alcoholic lager brings value to the fast-growing NoLo category. Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% features the same crisp, full-bodied flavour profile as the brand’s signature alcoholic beer, the same passion and flair, but now with 0.0% alcohol.

As part of the launch, supported by a wide-reaching advertising campaign across TV, outdoor and digital channels, along with extensive consumer sampling, Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% is sponsoring the Aston Martin Formula 1 Team.

Peroni’s brewing team have used innovative technology and the same Premium ingredients as its alcoholic variant – including Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s signature Nostrano dell’Isola maize, grown exclusively for the brand in the heart of Northern Italy.

For further information, follow @PeroniIreland on Instagram and Twitter.

If interested in stocking Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%, contact

Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer arrives at Guinness Open Gate Brewery

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery has become the first venue in Ireland to serve Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer – and for a limited time only.

Available on draft this comes to Ireland for the first time after a hugely successful launch in the US last year.

Dialling-up the coffee notes of Guinness Draught, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer at the Open Gate may also appeal to those who may not have previously considered enjoying a pint of the black stuff.

Make this Summer count with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey & Tennessee Apple

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is an iconic, world class brand and crafting something that endures for over 150 years takes time and character.

Jack Daniel’s can be sipped neat, mixed with cola, or stands up in a great cocktail. Jack Daniel’s understands that consumers like to explore, try new spirits and experiment with flavors – especially during the Summer months. That’s why Jack Daniel’s Honey and Jack Daniel’s Apple are the perfect offerings that cater for different consumer taste preferences.


‘A little bit of honey, a whole lot of Jack’

Jack Daniel’s Honey blends Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with a unique honey liquor of our own making, with hints of honey and a finish that’s naturally smooth.

There’s nothing better for hot Summer sippin’ than a Jack Honey & Lemonade.

Ingredients: 35.5ml Jack Daniel’s Honey


  1. ¾ fill a highball glass with cubed Lemonade and ice
  2. Pour Jack Honey over ice
  3. Top with lemonade
  4. Add Lemon wedge garnish. 

‘Real Crisp Apples, Real Jack Daniel’s’

Jack Daniel’s Apple has the unique character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey coupled with crisp green Apple. It’s bold, refreshing and exceptionally smooth. Jack Apple pairs perfectly with lemonade for an ideal Summer drink but our Jack Apple Spritz makes for a refreshing cocktail.

Jack Apple Spritz


35ml of Jack Daniel’s Apple

90ml Prosecco

Top with Soda Water


½ fill a highball glass with ice

  1. Pour Jack Apple over ice
  2. Add the Prosecco
  3. Top with Soda Water
  4. Garnish with fresh Apple.

Please contact your Edward Dillon sales representative for information.

Flavour your Summer with Giffard!

Fair weather marks the great de-Winterising of the hospitality industry: benches pulled out from storage, umbrellas unfurled and new cocktail menus placed on terrace tables.

Think citrus and herbaceous drinks to keep your customers cool as warmth spreads on the air, bubbly drinks & spritz style to match high spirits and tropical vibes to travel far without moving. This Summer, the global trend will favour lighter, longer thirst-quenching drinks.

There will be generosity and more occasions to socialise as the days grow longer and the nights warmer. Curiosity is still driving consumers to unusual flavours and alternative experiences, especially when incorporated in familiar serves – it’s never been easier to experiment with fun ideas.

Founded by Emile Giffard in 1885, Giffard produces a broad range of syrups and liqueurs known across Europe for their excellent quality. Still owned by Emile’s descendants, the Giffard brand continues the family tradition while embracing new flavours as times change.

Giffard suggests a weekly or monthly rotation of drinks and flavours on the cocktail menu to promote the Summer cocktail list alongside a special promotion during the aperitif hours. It believes that this would drive consumption over the Summer months and allow consumers to discover more drinks and more flavours, building loyalty to the bar.

Hit your internal defrost button with our refreshing selection of season-inspired liqueurs for the new and warmer months!

Santa Rita

With over 140 years of winemaking experience Santa Rita is one of Chile’s oldest and most respected wine producers. We’re proud to be recognised as Irelands best-selling wine brand and delighted to have been voted ‘Wine of the Year’ at the Shelflife C Store Awards.  Undoubtedly one of the keys to our success is consistency, both in the quality of wine in the bottle and through a series of in-store promotional activities which ensures the brand is never far from the wine-buying decision-maker. New additions to the ranges keep the brand fresh, with a No alcohol and a Low alcohol range due to be launched in Spring and Autumn 2022 respectively.

Sustainability at Santa Rita Estates is always top of the agenda in every part of the winemaking process from the vineyard to the glass and we’ve a fully-integrated environmental and commercial sustainability programme in place.

2020/1 were difficult years on a global scale, but throughout we have looked after our employees in Chile, providing them with a medical centre for advice and hardship funds for those in need along with educational scholarships for their immediate families.

The company decided during the pandemic not to lay-off or furlough a single member of staff, so alternative employment was found within the company for all those involved in the frontline hospitality sector of the winery operations. Although sustainability may start in the vineyard, the all-encompassing approach will ensure we have still have a viable business for the immediate and long-term future.


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