New Jägermeister 20cl (naggin) launched

Barry & Fitzwilliam has launched Jägermeister in 20cl ‘Naggin’ bottle size nationwide.

Jägermeister has had phenomenal success in Ireland and is now in its seventh successive year of growth. With sales up 13 per cent year-to-date, Ireland has become the first country in the world to launch Jägermeister in a 20cl bottle. This size is unique to the Irish off-trade and holds a considerable and growing share of spirit sales – particularly in the independent off-trade.

Already available in litre, 70cl, 35cl, 10cl and 2cl sizes, Jägermeister responded to demands in the Irish marketplace for this 20cl sku.  According to Brian McGuinness, Brand Manager in distributors Barry & Fitzwilliam, “We believe this bottle size will be the one which will provide the off-trade with similar sales success as the 70cl has to the on-trade… Jägermeister is a success story in the Irish market and the 20cl size will further develop the brand’s offering to consumers in the off-trade as the new exciting and unique alternative to what is currently available on-shelf”.

The new size is supported by a trade press campaign, in-store Point Of Sale material, counter dispensing units and some consumer press. The campaign highlights the ‘Drink Ice Cold’ message of the brand’s current market activity and encourages the consumer to ‘Stick it in the Freezer’ as the best way to drink Jägermeister is the Ice Cold Serve.

 The new 20cl Jägermeister is distributed in Ireland by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

The new 20cl Jägermeister is distributed in Ireland by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

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