My Favourite…Declan Martin

Declan Martin, of Martin’s Off-Licence, Fairview, Dublin 3, writes about his favourite tipple

Mmmm where do I start, beer or wine? Well all depends on the mood I’m in, the food I’m having, and the night that’s in it! When it comes to drinking beer at home it will always be something different for me. Whether it be a German Weisse beer or an Indian Pale Ale or simply just a clean crisp lager beer there is always something to wet my taste buds.

Some of my firm favourites that I keep coming back to would be an Innis & Gunn Ipa from Scotland. This is a limited bottling Ipa which has been oak aged with additional quantities of fresh hops that gives this beer a burst of orange aromas and a zesty fruity character. Yum!

Another quality pale ale would be O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale from the Carlow Brewing Company. This company has been brewing since 1998 and its many accolades and awards to their brews, the Pale Ale being one of my favourites. When it comes to a Weisse beer, Paulaner would be hard to beat, it has lovely flavours of banana and spice with a beautiful smooth creamy finish.

One of my favourite German lager beers would be one from Augustiner, Munich’s oldest brewery. This brewery produces many beers and the most popular being Lagerbier Hell and also my favourite. This is a brilliant light lager with a shiny, moist white head. The beer offers a malty aroma with hints of hoppy notes. The first taste is sweet and a voluptuous carbonation flatters the palate. When it comes to wine, well I’ll be here all day, this article will only allow my 300 words so I’ll keep it short.

Being in the trade I’m lucky enough to be trying so many different wines all the time. There isn’t a bad wine, some are just better than others, some you will get up in the middle of the night to drink, others you would just throw into some cheap casserole dish, either way it’s all good!

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