Multiples’ continue to grow share of increased wine market

Ireland’s multiples continue to absorb more and more of the wine market by volume here, according to MAT figures for January 2011.

Tracking indicates that the Multiple sector now holds nearly 48 per cent of the wine market (upping share by three per cent) while Symbol Groups’ & Forecourts’ share has reduced by two per cent to 16 per cent. Independent off-licences, at 19 per cent, have seen a reduction of four per cent in their share of the wine market while Discounters have experienced a growth in share of nearly three per cent to 18 per cent.

But MAT figures for January also suggest that the wine market has grown by 14 per cent in volume although value growth has remained fairly flat.

Tracking value, Multiples have increased their share by three per cent to 46 per cent while  Symbol Groups’ & Forecourts’ share has fallen by one per cent to 17 per cent.

The Independent Off-licences’ share is also down by four per cent to 25 per cent while the Discounters’ value share has risen by two per cent to 13 per cent.

The above tracking figures also suggest that almost 60 per cent of wine sold below €7.99 with the fastest-growing segment being in the €6 to €6.99 range, showing a share growth of 16 per cent to 23 per cent MAT to January 2011. The next highest share is that of the €7 to €7.99 segment at 21 per cent. Wines in the €13 to €13.99 range continued to have the least market share at under one per cent. The price range showing the greatest fall in share was that in the €9 to €9.99 segment which, at 10 per cent of the market by volume, declined share by seven per cent.

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