Method & Madness in IDL’s new release

Irish Distillers has introduced Method And Madness, a new range of experimental super premium whiskeys designed to push the boundaries of Irish whiskey.

It recently launched the range through a series of unique whiskeys that underpin IDL’s continued commitment to experimentation and innovation in Midleton, County Cork.

The range launches with four new Irish whiskeys, each with its own twist: a Single Grain Irish Whiskey Finished in Virgin Spanish Oak; a Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Finished in French Chestnut; a Single Malt Irish Whiskey enhanced with French Limousin Oak and a 31 Year-Old Single Cask, Single Grain Limited Edition bottled at cask strength.

Brendan Buckley, Global Innovation & Prestige Whiskeys Director at IDL, added, “At Irish Distillers, we’re constantly searching for new ways to bring Irish whiskey to a wider audience.  Jameson has been the iconic brand which has led the way, supported by niche connoisseur brands such as Redbreast, Spot Range and Midleton Very Rare so with Method And Madness we’re able to not only create an outlet for our whiskey makers to really experiment but also to create a uniquely original brand which will pique the interest of spirits drinkers throughout the world.”

Method And Madness aims to harness the creativity of Midleton’s whiskey masters through the fresh talent of its apprentices. Taking inspiration from the famous Shakespearean quote, ‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t’, Method And Madness has been designed to reflect a next generation Irish spirit brand with a measure of curiosity and intrigue (Madness) while honouring the tradition and expertise grounded in the generations of expertise at the Midleton Distillery (Method).

“At the Midleton Distillery, we’re committed to innovation and experimenting with new whiskey styles,” commented Brian Nation, Master Distiller at Irish Distillers, “The passing on of knowledge and skills is part of our DNA from our long line of master distillers, to the generations of coopers that served their apprenticeships at the Midleton Distillery. In fact this summer our apprentice cooper Killian O’Mahony will become our first qualified cooper in over 40 years.”

Karen Cotter, who joined IDL as a graduate distiller in 2012, added, “Method And Madness is a great opportunity for myself and the team to work closely with and learn from the whiskey masters. Our Micro Distillery in Midleton will act as an experimental hub enabling us to trial and test new spirit types followed by aging in new cask types. The process will see new Method And Madness releases but also others that may never see the light of day.”

The Method And Madness Single Grain, Single Pot Still and Single Malt Irish Whiskeys are now available in the UK, France and Ireland at the respective RRPs of €49, €69 and €79. The 31 Year-Old, Single Cask, Single Grain will be available in the same territories from April 2017, priced at €1,500.

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