Magners – it’s all about the campaign

True brand follow-through - that’s what Magners’ latest on-trade campaign in the UK exemplifies. What a great idea for tying the Magners’ brand to its campaign image.

The UK cider brand’s current advertising campaign ‘Made in the Dark’  emphasis the importance of darkness to cider’s slow steady progress inside the vat. So this year Magners is offering 15 lucky UK publicans the chance to win a Magners ‘Made in the Dark’ garden makeover.

Summer represents a key period for selling cider so Magners is looking to transform 15 outdoor areas whether cityscape or grassy sward, beachfront pub or rooftop terrace into a well laid-out and attractive garden of delight overnight!

The on-trade competition sees the 15 winners getting a visit from a team of designers who’ll take a look at the area with a view to offering the best use of the space. The gardens will be ‘made in the dark’ by a team of experts working overnight to ensure no loss of daylight business.

When finished, the outlets will have a fantastic pub garden where friends can have a great time and of course enjoy a Magners cider. And just to put a healthy head on it, Magners will hold a launch party including promotional staff and free product to celebrate the new cider garden.

The Magners Made in the Dark campaign is running across TV, outdoor, digital and social media platforms in the UK over the Summer alongside investment in the on-trade there.

Don’t think I can remember a more appropriate manifestation of an advertising theme made part of an on-trade promotion.

As C&C sells more cider in the UK under its Mangers brand than it does here under the Bulmers label there’s naturally a much larger market to appeal to than would the the case here in Ireland, so such an innovative idea might have some difficulty justifying its way past the bean counters here.

Naturally, we wish C&C all the luck in the world with this one.

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