Krystle opens Bojos 35

Krystle/Russell Court Hotel has opened Bojos 35 in the Russell Court Hotel, a nightclub aimed at the over 35s.

The new club, next door to Krystle and Dicey’s Garden, has its own separate entrance and beer garden as well as a DJ Box which adheres to a music policy of 60s, 70s and 80s music as well as slow sets.

“We have created a dedicated smoking area for Bojos 35,” explained Krystle Director Rangan Aruchelvan, “It’s only for that age-group.”

A piano at the entrance to the establishment can be incorporated into the live music sessions which take place there, says Rangan who, together with his partner Eileen Wright, spent over €250,000 without the ‘aid’ of the banks.

“We did the job ourselves to tap into this market and created another 10 additional jobs in so doing,” he added.

The ‘Bojos’ name reverts back to a previous business that Rangan ran which many will remember – the famous Bojangles nightclub in Dublin – thus the ‘35’ twist.

It has been open for just over a month now but the official opening will take place around the end of September.
“The target age group will only be back from holidays around then,” he says, promising that business should peak around Christmas-time.


The new VIP area at Bogo’s 35.

The new VIP area at Bogo’s 35.

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