Kronenbourg Blanc launches

Diageo Ireland has broken into the Weissbier market with Kronenbourg Blanc, “a premium wheat beer with unique citrus and coriander notes”, which has officially launched in RoI for the first time in a select number of outlets around the country.

“Kronenbourg Blanc is recognisable for its stylish azure blue bottle and bright, light and zesty flavour,” states the company.

The pale golden Kronenbourg Blanc is cloudy with a sparkling consistency and a light foam head.

Best served chilled, it can be enjoyed on its own, but can also be paired with seafood, salads, citrus or berry desserts.

To celebrate the launch French illustrator Quentin Monge has created a striking contemporary collection of artwork inspired by the brand. Quentin Monge cites the complementary lemon garnish and sundowner theme as key points for inspiration in his four colourway prints, stating, “The stylish blue and red lines contrast well against the signature lemon, creating an array of figurative patterns I work with regularly.”

His work can be viewed on

Kronenbourg Blanc is part of the world-renowned Kronenbourg brand which boasts a rich heritage of brewing for over 350 years. Originating from the Alsace region, Kronenbourg is the number one selling beer in France. The new Kronenbourg Blanc line is a nod to this noble heritage and a step towards the new fresh premium flavours of the modern beer drinker, according to Brand Manager Sheena O’Buachalla.

“As a lively wheat beer with fresh citrusy tones, it has been hugely well-received all around the world and is an exceptional option for those seeking a premium drink experience,” she said.

Kronenbourg Blanc is available in a stylish azure blue 330ml bottle or on draught at 5% ABV.



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