Jameson sales up 20% here

Jameson hit sales of 4.5 million cases in the US for the first time in a fiscal year, representing volume growth of 9% in 2021.
Jameson Irish Whiskey recorded growth of 20% here in the year to the 30th of June according to Irish Distillers.

Jameson Irish Whiskey recorded growth of 20% here in the year to the 30th of June according to Irish Distillers.

Jameson also saw growth of 20% here in Ireland.

Jameson’s parent company Irish Distillers’ top-selling Irish whiskey brand achieved strong sales in other key markets including a resurgence in Global Travel Retail and growth of 16% in the UK.

Irish Distillers’ prestige portfolio experienced 16% volume growth, primarily driven by Redbreast which exceeded the 100,000 case mark for the first time.

Jameson, the fastest-growing Irish whiskey in the world – and one of the top five international whisk(e)y brands, surpassing the 10 million case milestone for the first time, up from 8.6 million cases in FY21.

Irish Distillers announced full-year financial results for 2021/2022 (ending on the 30th of June 2022), with the business experiencing strong growth in the financial year led by Jameson.

Irish whiskey was the third-fastest-growing category in the US in 2021, selling roughly 5.9 million cases of which Jameson comprised  more than 70% of the total for Irish whiskey sales there. This success has continued into FY22 with sales of Jameson outdoing previous records, selling 4.5 million cases to the end of June this year and setting a new record for the brand in the US, reports Irish Distillers.

The return of travel in this period saw the resurgence of Global Travel Retail (up 157%) coupled with strong growth in other key markets such as South Africa (up 43%), Poland (up 43%) and Spain (up 94%).

The continued globalisation of the Jameson brand is also reflected in the brand’s growth in emerging markets including India, Zambia and Bulgaria – all of which surpassed the 100,000 case mark for the first time.

In recent years consumer demand has been trending in the direction of more Premium products and Irish Distillers’ prestige range was up 16% globally, reflecting the increase in consumer appetite for Premium and Super-Premium Irish whiskeys. Redbreast, the largest-selling single pot still Irish whiskey in the world, exceeded the 100,000 case mark for the first time.

“We continue to develop our historically strong markets such as the US – which reached the 4.5 million case mark in this financial year,” said Nodjame Fouad, Irish Distillers’ Chairman and Chief Executive, “Our strategy has been laser-focused on growing the Jameson brand and awareness of the Irish whiskey category more generally.

“More locally, the spirits market in Ireland generated volume growth of +8% in calendar year 2021. Against this backdrop, our portfolio of premium spirits brands has recorded strong volume growth during 2021/2022 with Jameson (up 20%), prestige Irish whiskeys (up 26%) in the domestic market.

“As we look ahead, we acknowledge that various issues on the global stage are causing uncertainty for both businesses and consumers alike, which is why we will continue to deliver on our business strategy and ensure that we have measures in place to manage any potential challenges.”

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