Hi-Spirits Ireland to distribute Paddy Whiskey

Hi-Spirits Ireland is to take over distribution of Paddy Whiskey in the Irish market from next July.

Until the handover date, Irish Distillers will continue to distribute the brand, with the two companies working together in the interim to ensure a seamless transition for on- and off-trade stockists.

“For on-trade and off-trade customers it’s very much ‘business as usual’ for Paddy, both while we work with Irish Distillers during the handover period and then when we take over the distribution on July 1st,” said George Roberts, Country Manager for Hi-Spirits Ireland.

Dublin-based Hi-Spirits Ireland is a subsidiary of the US-based Sazerac Company which acquired Paddy in 2016. Hi-Spirits Ireland distributes a wide range of spirits and liqueurs including Southern Comfort, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Fireball, Fernet-Branca, Antica and Sambuca.

Paddy, a triple-distilled blended Irish Whiskey, is made from a unique blend of Pot Still, Malt and Grain whiskeys, with heritage dating back to 1779. Company salesman Paddy Flaherty became so synonymous with the whiskey that in 1913 the distillery owners paid him the ultimate tribute by renaming the whiskey “Paddy” in his honour.

To contact Hi-Spirits Ireland, please call 01969 5577 or e-mail




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