Hennessy launches upgraded Hennessy VSOP bottle

Hennessy has upgraded its Hennessy VSOP bottle, making it more contemporary, more premium and more consistent with the character and personality of Hennessy.

Hennessy VSOP is now contained in a taller, thinner, more elegant bottle complete with a refined top capsule and a new elevated glass base reflecting the contemporary nature of Hennessy. The new bottle also sports more finely worked labels with improved texture, iridescence and a varnish finish. Hennessy grapes are now printed in watermark on the label and a new emblematic ‘Bras Armé’ is engraved in the glass, a nod both to the production quality and the rest of the Hennessy range.

The RRP is €47.89.

For further information, please visit or log on to the Hennessy Cognac Ireland Facebook page

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