Heineken Ireland topped Ambient spend in 2011

At €2.23 million, Heineken Ireland topped the value table for ambient displays, according to PML/Posterwatch’s Ambient & Digital RoI Market Review for 2011.

“The vast majority of this display value (over 90 per cent in fact) was from in-pub ambient advertising on long-term A1 and A2 format holdings,” states the Review.

Diageo takes fifth place with a spend of €785,126 while Coca-Cola comes in in eighth place on €484,062.
The Beer & Cider category topped ambient spend in 2011 spending €3,542,890 while Soft Drinks took fourth place spending €1,554,753. Spirits notched up ninth place with a €763,358 spend.

The Beers & Ciders category took fourth place for digital spend in 2011 with €233,021 while the Soft Drinks category spent €189,410 on digital. Diageo took third place in the highest-spending digital advertiser category with a spend of €155,034 through an ongoing digital presence within the pub environment.

In terms of Out Of Home formats overall, Diageo topped the table spending €8,939,232 in 2011, down by 19 per cent on the previous year’s spend, while Heineken came in third place spending €7,256,269 (down 21 per cent).

Coca-Cola, in seventh place, spent €4,887,464, up one per cent on the previous year’s spend.

Beers & Ciders as a category were second top of the ‘out of home’ category  overall with a spend down 21 per cent to €18,596,177 while Soft Drinks, in eighth position, spent 11 per cent less: €9,924,683. Wines & Spirits took 15th place spending €4,337,274, a drop of five per cent on last year.

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