Heineken Ireland push sustainability drive

Heineken Ireland's sustainability report has set out ten year targets for the company

Declan Farmer, corporate relations manager, Heineken Ireland

Declan Farmer, corporate relations manager, Heineken Ireland

Heineken Ireland published its new Sustainablity Report for 2010, which was launched in April 2010. The 10 year sustainability agenda and goals formally titled Brewing a Better Future marks the company’s new approach to sustainability.

The report itself summarises Heineken Ireland’s delivery and progress on its sustainability strategy and provides updates on the company’s integrated programmes built around a few strategic imperatives including improving environmental impact and empowering people and the communities in which it operates.

Declan Farmer, corporate relations manager, Heineken Ireland said: ”As one of the leading brewers in Ireland, we believe that we should take responsibility for our actions and be clear on what others can expect from us. Delivering on the sustainability targets we have set ourselves will ultimately impact the way in which we bring our brands to market, improve our environment performance and contribute to the communities in which we operate.”

The focus on its Energy Savings Programme has resulted in Heineken Ireland reducing its energy consumption levels by 10% over the past three years.

From a packaging perspective, Heineken Ireland introduced a new Heineken 33cl bottle into the market place in 2010. Whilst the bottle itself does not look visually different to its predecessor, it is 15% lighter in weight with no change in capacity.

This change in bottle weight meant a restructure of load sizes being shipped to Ireland from Heineken Netherland, resulting in a reduction of container deliveries of Heineken Bottle by 18% per annum. This is bringing significant reductions to its carbon footprint. 

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