Hats off to Heineken’s ‘Sunrise’

Hats off to Heineken for being very grown-up about its new 85-second long responsible drinking ad ‘Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers’.

For once, it’s not coyly covering up the fact that its product can make people inebriated if taken in excess – rather it’s emphasising the importance of introducing balance to the drinks equation for young people on a night out.

The ad follows its hero through the nightclubbing evening which begins with a few beers and even the odd short.  But our hero knows when to transform his imbibing from alcohol to just water and so continues to enjoy the night unlike his beer-swilling companions who become more intoxicated and less appealing as the night wears on.

What’s to be admired about this ad is Heineken’s refreshing candour which, for once in a paid-for advertisement, portrays upfront the fact that alcohol can make you drunk and unappealing.

The responsible drinking ad, which ties in with Heineken’s ‘Open Your World’ global campaign, boasts a strong emphasis on social media which means that YouTube and TV feature strongly.

 Take a look at the ‘Sunrise’ ad at

I wish them well with this brave new direction in combatting irresponsible alcohol consumption and maturely standing up as a specific brand to say so. At last, some honesty in advertising – or is that a paradox?


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